Put simply, I’m an author and journalist-turned-media consultant. If you need advice on gaining publicity, giving brilliant media interviews or writing non-fiction I can help.

My latest book, by the way, is This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete – my story of ditching a glamorous, city lifestyle and toughening up through outdoor sport.

I have 15 years experience in journalism, working across all media platforms – print, broadcast and digital. Seven of these were in staff roles in high pressure newsrooms. Eight of them have been freelance, which is when I get to do fun stuff like debate ‘dry January’ on breakfast telly, or write provocative opinion pieces.

Since being freelance I’ve written for almost all main national papers on social trends, lifestyle and consumer topics: I’ve investigated where our all our 5p’s from carrier bags go for The Times, I’ve uncovered fake sperm donors for The Mirror, I’ve tried the world’s most expensive bed for The Sunday Times and done every new fitness class going from Bohdi to night swimming for Metro. I’ve got a few magazine bylines too in titles from Cosmo to Outdoor Fitness.

In between pitching my own feature ideas to mags and papers, I’ve been a regular freelance producer at ITV News and ITV London News for five years, so it’s not just features, I deal with the serious stuff too.

I’ve written three popular non-fiction books, two of which are memoirs, one of which became a WHsmith bestseller. Check out my latest, This Girl Ran: Tales of a Party Girl Turned Triathlete, which was described as ‘chatty and racy’ by The Daily Mail, ‘inspirational stuff’ by Sky News and ‘utterly brilliant’ by the ed of Women’s Running (*glows with pride).

As an author I am asked to be a commentator on topical stories I’ve written about. So, you may have seen me reviewing papers early on Sky News or late at night on BBC News Channel. Then there’re the times when I’ve discussed middle aged sex lives on Newsnight, questioned whether the pill is a good a thing Woman’s Hour and debated anything from ‘gender reveal parties’ to sexist road signs on This Morning, GMB, Lorraine, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, BBC Breakfast and more (I told you I get to do fun stuff).

These days, I’m doing less appearing in the media, and more helping others get in the media. Using my experiences of press, broadcast and the publishing world, I now help PRs, comms professionals, entrepreneurs, charities, academics and authors pitch to the press, improve their media profile, perform brilliantly in media interviews and to write!

On this website you’ll find details of private writing coaching, corporate media training and PR skills training, which I run through Nine Media Training and any public courses or events I’m part of.

Outside of journalism I’m a mad keen triathlete. I competed for GB in my age-group (just don’t ask which age group!) at World Championship in 2015 and I’m usually found freezing, exhausted, covered in mud and oil or a mix of all three most weekends.