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Personal Branding Consultancy

Your personal brand is a reflection of your expertise and the experiences which have led to qualifying you for what you do.


But do you know how to express these things succinctly, and in a style which will resonate with the people you need to attract?

Why does a personal brand matter?

Demonstrating that you have knowledge, experience and authority through a notable online profile is essential for converting leads to clients, attracting new partnerships and to give you clarity on what you do best and why.


Lack of a clear and consistent personal brand doesn’t just hold you back, it can actually be detrimental on many levels. For example:


  • An outdated personal brand – such as a website which hasn’t been updated for five years - casts you in the past. Colleagues and peers, old and new, form a misguided impression of you.

  • An unclear personal brand – such as online bios which use jargon or cliched marketing phrases - means potential customers, investors or employers won’t understand how you can help them and will quickly move on.

  • On the other end of the scale, an impersonal personal brand which lists your accolades but gives no hint of your personality means people won’t connect and will warm to a competitor.

  • A ‘busy’ personal brand, which incorporates too many hats, will dilute what you do and you will neither reach nor impress a target audience.

I consider personal branding services to mean anything related to shaping and promoting someone’s offline or online professional profile. It could be as simple as helping you write a bio tailored specifically for Linkedin. Or, it could involve a wide-ranging PR campaign or paid social media ads to reach a goal of gaining 10,000 followers. If it’s the latter, I would recommend you use a PR agency as this would require skillsets in multiple areas of audience building.


My personal branding consultancy is based on my experience of raising my own brand as an author and journalist. I therefore tailor affordable ‘personal branding 101’ consultancy sessions for individuals and entrepreneurs, focussing on achievable actions with which lead to big results. This includes:


  • Writing or improving your professional bio (and different versions for different purposes)

  • Consolidating your career experience into a clear logical narrative

  • Extrapolating your unique areas of expertise and approach, and how these appeal to your target audience

  • Website audits – for content and basic SEO

  • Social media profile audits – to check for consistent messaging

  • Google search results review – and actions (if viable) to remove, move or add to the results

  • Advice on seeking media coverage. (I no longer do PR, but I can give you suggestions for what, where and how you may pitch yourself to the media).

What does personal branding consultancy cover?

Personal branding consultancy sometimes overlaps with writing coaching. (Because your image is all about how you frame what you do). So, check out my writing coaching services too. 

Case Studies and Testimonials

Broadcaster Nichi Hodgson sought my help ahead of a new career move presenting the podcast Happy Homes. She wanted to not only ensure her public persona was in top shape ahead of launch, but also asked for guidance on presenting skills and interviewing guests. Since then Nichi's career took off and she is now a BBC radio presenter.

"Helen is a consummate and generous professional trainer who really knows how to convey her knowledge and skills in a hands-on, supportive fashion.

She offers incisive critically constructive feedback and worked with me at speed on a podcast project. I learned so much from her in just a few short sessions and recommend her highly."

Nichi Hodgson, Author, Journalist and Broadcaster

Wendy Rose, a Master Certified Coach with 20 years’ experience wanted to make her credentials more widely known and be found by new potential clients.

Thank you Helen! With published articles now averaging one a month, I couldn't be happier with the help that you've given me. From helping me realise that I do have things I want to say, mentoring me to do that in ways that are interesting and useful to others and for steering me in the direction of the right editors, you've helped me every step of the way. I couldn't have done any of it without you! 

Wendy Rose, Leadership Coach

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